IDENTITY – VFX Breakdowns

Here are some VFX Breakdowns of shots in my art project IDENTITY.
Compositing program – Adobe After Effects CS6

Watch IDENTITY here –

PULSE – My Rode Reel Competition

Pulse is my submission to the 2014 My Rode Reel international competition. Enjoy!

also check out the behind the scenes

PLAY TIME featured on filmschoolrejects

A TV Terrorizes a Young Woman In This Sleep-Denying Short Film

Play Time Short Film

Why Watch? The upstanding, not at all imbalanced folks at Bloody Cuts recently held a short film competition that revolved around the theme “Who’s There?”. There was a sickening amount of fantastic entries, but this one from Ryan Thompson was chosen by a panel of experts (including me, Joe Dante, Gale Anne Hurd, Drew Daywalt, Patrick Melton, Marcus Dunstan and more).

Play Time is pure atmosphere. It’s an excellent example of production design and editing meant specifically to unnerve and disarm. The plot is merely a scare delivery device: there’s a ruckus downstairs, so a young woman goes to investigate. Although, if you want to think deeply enough, the creature imagery could be psychologically appropriate for a lone woman in a big house.

Probably best to watch this after you’ve brushed your teeth and put on your pajamas.

What Will It Cost? About 3 minutes.

PLAY TIME WINS!! Bloody Cuts Who’s There Challenge

PLAY TIME was announced the 1st place winner in the Bloody Cuts Who’s There Challenge!

It also won best sound and best grading!
Massive thanks to Belle Mary Hithersay, Mark Rodel-Duffy, Anjella Mackintosh and Bloody Cuts for this amazing competition!

PLAY TIME – Bloody Cuts Who’s There Challenge 2013

‘PLAY TIME’ is my submission for the Bloody Cuts – Who’s There Film Challenge (2013), staring Anjella Mackintosh and Belle Mary Hithersay.
It was shot over 3-4 hours with little equipment, has taken a month and a half to edit but is finally finished and submitted :) Time to play!

Top 12 Horror Trailers

I love the structure of film trailers, teasers and TV spots. There are so many that have inspired me with my own fake trailers. Here is a list of my top 12 favourite HORROR film theatrical trailers – This list is about the trailers and not the actual films, although most of which I love. These trailers have made it into my list because I love the structure, editing and sound design.

12. Halloween II (Rob Zombie)

11. The Last Exorcism

10. Insidious

9. The Purge

8. The Haunting in Connecticut

7. My Bloody Valentine 3D

6. Sinister

5. The Conjuring (Trailer 3)

4. A Nightmare on Elm Street (Remake)

3. Evil Dead (Remake)

2. Friday the 13 (Remake)

1. The Strangers

Skyfall Interview

Here is my interview with web magazine The Macho Nacho, about my Skyfall trailer, Enjoy :)

Your Future – Official Kickstarter

Hey everyone, my Kickstarter for ‘Your Future’ has launched today, and I need all the help I can in raising the £2000 budget needed to make this 20 minute sci-fi short

Your Future – Box Designs

David Banks Commercial Reel 2013

Hey, please check out the commercial reel I made for my good friend and actor David Banks, who will be in my upcoming ‘Your Future’